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4 min readSep 5, 2023


by Albert Sugiharto

We are excited to announce that Blockchain Web Services (BWS) has become our most recent addition to our track record. BWS speeds up the development of blockchain projects through its cloud platform solution, making projects faster, cheaper, and simpler to bring to market.

Why we added BWS to our track record

Blockchain technology has emerged as a transformative force, promising enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency across industries. From supply chain management to financial transactions, its decentralized nature has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate. The steady rise of decentralized applications (DApps) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) showcases the innovative strides made in the realm of blockchain development. The global market for blockchain technology was valued at $11.4 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from $17.57 billion in 2023 to $469.49 billion in 2030 according to this research. This huge rise attests to the growing interest and optimism surrounding blockchain’s potential to reshape business processes.

However, despite its immense potential, there are several challenges that hinder the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Companies venturing into blockchain development often face obstacles that make seamless integration challenging. A survey by Deloitte revealed that more than 60% of surveyed executives found blockchain development to be more complex than initially anticipated. This complexity can be daunting for businesses trying to grasp and implement the technology. Additionally, blockchain development can be costly, with expenses ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. This high cost includes expenses for hiring developers, establishing infrastructure, and conducting testing. Furthermore, there’s a shortage of skilled web3 developers, resulting in a demand-supply gap that slows down progress. Finally, trust in in-house blockchain solutions can be shaky due to concerns about their security and transparency, leading decision-makers to approach blockchain adoption with caution.

How does BWS do it?

BWS aims to address these challenges by simplifying and accelerating blockchain development, following the principles akin to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the blockchain realm. BWS functions as a SaaS cloud platform, providing blockchain solutions that development teams can readily embrace, even without prior blockchain experience. This approach significantly reduces costs, time-to-market, and project complexities for companies looking to integrate blockchain solutions into their internal IT processes or create new customer-centric products.

BWS’ cloud platform delivers an API for accessing blockchains as effortlessly as any familiar web service. What sets BWS apart is its unique capacity to seamlessly incorporate smart contract solutions, mirroring the simplicity of web2 cloud services.

Furthermore, Blockchain Web Services is not just a single product but an extensive cloud platform designed to bring a multitude of blockchain use cases closer to customers and society at large. The platform is limitless, open to Web3 community contributors and ambassadors, and will continuously add new solutions and become “the AWS for blockchain(s)”.

Here are some of its marketplace solutions already available:

  • BWS.Blockchain.Save to easily save data to the blockchain(s) with a single Web2 API call: set the target blockchain, the data to save, and you’re ready to go (BWS won a Nordic Bank Hackathon, potentially saving the bank USD 200k by writing Green Bond impact figures into the blockchain using a regular web service call).
  • BWS.NFT.zK and BWS.NFT.Marketplace as NFT solutions that facilitate the creation of marketplaces and simplify NFT management using zk-SNARKs technology. These solutions also enable shared ownership of digital assets, allowing multiple individuals to hold shares in NFTs.
  • BWS.Blockchain.Certify to bring trust and certify not only legal documents and digital assets but also online websites that may need to timestamp published content.
  • BWS.ESG.Credits to assist financial institutions and system integrators in delivering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact reports. Their API solution streamlines ESG impact reporting by supporting recognized frameworks, offering flexibility in impact categorization and accommodating various currencies. To ensure data integrity and transparency, the API stores ESG impact profiles on the blockchain, aligning with global sustainability goals and providing an efficient way to enhance ESG reporting that is comprehensive and customizable.
BWS’ cloud solution cut down significant expenses and time needed for project development

About BWS

BWS is led by a team with a strong background in cloud architecture and digital transformation. Nacho Coll, founder and CTO, is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in overseeing diverse teams and delivering enterprise multi-cloud services within major corporations across various industries. His background also includes a strong grasp of requirements analysis and project management, gained from his consultancy roles in the technology sector. Armed with this wealth of knowledge and expertise, BWS made its mission to radically simplify blockchain development. Learn more about BWS on their Website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Contact: Nacho Coll, co-founder,

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