Blockchain Founders Group invests in Particula to embrace verifiable ESG-investing


We are excited to announce that Particula has become our most recent addition to our investment track record. Particula is the first holistic data platform for tokenized, sustainable assets and ecosystem-based tokens, offering a trusted, one-stop solution for investors and companies.Author: Albert Sugiharto

Why we invested in Particula

There has been a significant increase in demand for sustainable investing in recent years. A report from PwC in 2022 found that ESG (environment, social, and governance) investing in Europe increased by 172% from 2021 and is expected to reach $33.9 trillion globally by 2026. This trend is largely driven by investors and companies who wish to create a more sustainable world, and the use of tokenization has also played a key role in the growth of ESG investing. By using ESG tokens, ESG investing becomes more accountable and credible, as investors can track and verify the authenticity of their investments.

While investors want to increase their ESG token investments, sourcing reliable and comparable data remains a challenge in the classic ESG data market. There are currently more than 60 different ESG database providers in the EU alone, each of which uses different methodologies, standards, and data collection procedures, making it difficult to validate data integrity. Additionally, there is a lack of data quality because interested investors have to rely on 5–8 different ESG databases to access both broader and granular data. This results in an excessive amount of time and resources being spent on getting a holistic overview. It is estimated that investors and companies have to spend around $1.3 million per year to access this data.

How does Particula do it?

Particula is addressing these issues by creating the first-ever holistic data platform of its kind. Similar to Bloomberg, Particula will be the go-to resource for ESG tokens and will provide a comprehensive database of these types of tokens, with over 100 classification dimensions. The platform will be a single, reliable source of information for investors and companies.

Here is how Particula helps investors make informed decisions:.

  • Particula has developed a system that uses more than 100 different token dimensions to standardize the data collection, categorization, and evaluation of ESG tokens. This allows investors to quickly get all the necessary information about each token through a single data provider, including regulatory compliance and risk management aspects.
  • Particula provides investors with analyses and reports for each token, allowing a comprehensive solution in terms of compliance, accounting and regulatory reporting.
  • Further, Particula not only provides the data and information required by investors but also assists in the process of choosing the most suitable token for their investment needs.

Take a look at how Particula acts as a bridge between ESG-token issuers and investors:

Particula acts as the central data point for different ESG tokens.

About Particula

The Particula team boasts a wide range of expertise in fields such as operations, communications, business development, finance, and consulting. Timm Reinsdorf, co-founder and CEO, has a strong background in finance and consulting. Nadine Wilke, co-founder and CMO, brings experience in business development and sales & marketing. Wolfram Menser, co-founder and COO, has over 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles and the business software market. Together, the team is dedicated to developing a trusted and comprehensive solution for investors and companies interested in ESG-tokens. Learn more about Particula on their Website and LinkedIn.

Contact: Timm Reinsdorf, co-founder,

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