Blockchain Founders Group partners with Blockchain Life 2023


by Albert Sugiharto

We are excited to announce that Blockchain Founders Group has partnered with Blockchain Life 2023. Join global crypto investors, funds, government officials, miners, developers, and promising startups in Dubai to discuss upcoming bull market trends, make exclusive deals, and learn insider information from each other.

Why we partnered with Blockchain Life 2023?

The 11th installment of Blockchain Life, known as the Crypto Whales Meeting Point, is scheduled to take place from October 24th to 25th at Festival Arena Dubai. This international forum focuses on web3 technology, cryptocurrencies, and mining. Anticipated to draw over 7,000 attendees from more than 120 countries, the event will attract a diverse group of participants, including global crypto investors, respected investment firms, government representatives, blockchain miners, tech-savvy developers, and promising startups. They will converge in Dubai with the common goal of shaping the future of cryptocurrencies and web3 technology.

At the heart of this exceptional gathering are more than 80 world-renowned speakers, representing some of the most innovative companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. These thought leaders will share their insights, analyses, and groundbreaking ideas with the eager audience. In addition to these speakers, Blockchain Life 2023 offers numerous exciting opportunities and highlights for attendees, including the presence of over 130 leading companies at the exposition.

Numerous events are scheduled during the forum, such as a startup pitch competition where Tier-1 investment funds will serve as jurors, and attendees can participate in the conference hall. Moreover, attendees can partake in quick and productive meetups in the Speed Networking area, as well as explore various formats for establishing new connections. Additionally, a plethora of side events will be taking place around the main conference dates, providing further opportunities for learning, networking, and enjoyment.

As a partner of Blockchain Life 2023, we are pleased to offer an exclusive discount. By using the code ‘BFG10’ when purchasing tickets through this link, you can get a 10% discount. To learn more about Blockchain Life 2023 and secure your place at the event, please visit their website.

About Blockchain Founders Group

Blockchain Founders Group (BFG) is a company builder and startup accelerator. Our team comprises academic and regulatory drivers of the blockchain economy, serial entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. We love to work with outstanding entrepreneurial talents and bring to bear the full support of our network to make them succeed. Follow us on LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, and YouTube.

About BFG Superstars Program

The BFG Superstars Program is a crypto incubation program for pre-seed ideas and a place for blockchain talents and co-founders to meet and launch web3 startups in 2 to 3 months. Each year we invest in around 15 startups with different blockchain-based solutions. At the end of the program, selected startups will receive financial support up to €70,000. Find more information about the program here.

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