Blockchain Founders Group partners with OpenZeppelin to build secure blockchain applications and web3 ecosystem

Blockchain Founders Group
3 min readOct 25, 2023

by Albert Sugiharto

Blockchain Founders Group and OpenZeppelin have entered into a partnership. OpenZeppelin is a leading expert in securing blockchain applications and smart contract development, resulting in industry standard smart contract libraries and enhanced security for the community.

Why we partnered with OpenZeppelin

Founded in 2015, OpenZeppelin is the world leader in securing blockchain applications and smart contract systems. Its bedrock open source Contract Libraries are a public good and industry standard for smart contract development. OpenZeppelin’s professional expertise, unified with the Defender developer security platform, integrates through clients’ development lifecycles, so teams can plan, code, audit, deploy and operate projects faster and more safely. OpenZeppelin secures success for over a thousand trusted crypto protocols and organizations, including Coinbase, Ethereum Foundation, Compound, Aave, Uniswap, Matter Labs and ANZ Bank.

OpenZeppelin also has announced the launch of Defender version 2.0, an upgrade to its blockchain developer security system. The upgrade brings end-to-end security practices, from the development stage up to deploying and maintaining a blockchain-based project. OpenZeppelin’s Defender is a security operational platform. It allows crypto developers to oversee the smart contracts used in their projects and manage upgrades, API key management, and automate scripts for their smart contracts. Read more about Defender 2.0 here.

“OpenZeppelin is excited to partner with Blockchain Founders Group and help their portfolio companies with security auditing and solutions. We always strive to support the community and love learning about new projects. We are excited to meet founders backed by BFG and help them integrate world-class security practices.”

— Gin Zite (Business Development)

What the benefits are for BFG portfolio companies

Through this partnership, BFG and OpenZeppelin will work together in building secure blockchain applications and web3 ecosystem. The partnership will benefit BFG’s portfolio companies interested in leveraging OpenZeppelin’s platform capabilities as well as seeking security audits will benefit from exclusive rates and priority handling for their audit requests. For further information about OpenZeppelin, visit their website. If you are interested on taking this exciting offers, please send your inquiries via email to Albert Sugiharto.

About Blockchain Founders Group

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