Blockchain Founders Group


  • Sharon Lu

    Sharon Lu

    Helping entrepreneurs to build startups that change how we organise economic activity, in valuable ways.

  • Dohrnii sen. BRM Michael Gehlert

    Dohrnii sen. BRM Michael Gehlert

  • Bahar Bayar-Akbalik

    Bahar Bayar-Akbalik

  • Wolfgang Maennel

    Wolfgang Maennel

  • A.S.


  • Susanne Fromm

    Susanne Fromm

    Susanne Fromm is an alumna of INSEAD and DLT Talents for female leaders in blockchain. Experienced in implementing and investing in new business models & tech.

  • Peter Grosskopf

    Peter Grosskopf

    CTO/CoFounder at Unstoppable Finance. Former CTO/CoFounder at solarisBank. Making Decentralization happen

  • Iga Kowalczuk

    Iga Kowalczuk

    UX/UI Designer and Digital Experience Artist.

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