Wanted: CEO for a DeFi Startup

Wanted: CEO for a DeFi Startup

At Blockchain Founders Group (BFG), we built a premier venture capital firm to transform the European blockchain landscape. Last year, we founded 4 blockchain-based startups through our company builder and invested in 5 blockchain and crypto startups through our venture capital unit. Some startups which spun off from us include:

Given these activities and investments, we can proudly say that 2022 will be an even more successful year for BFG. Given the vast opportunities and the explosive growth of the DeFi industry, we are eager to expand our investments in that area and are thus looking for a CEO for a DeFi startup.

About your role

We are looking for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to supervise and control all business and strategic aspects of a DeFi startup that the BFG is building with its unique company building approach. You will be the first in command in the company and in charge of giving the proper strategic direction as well as creating a vision for success. To thrive as a CEO you must be a prudent manager and an inspiring leader. You should have a business mindset and be able to see the “big picture” in a variety of settings. You will have to make high-level decisions about policy and strategy and act as the primary spokesperson for the company, building alliances and partnerships with other organizations.

Reference number: BFG5185EN
Entry date: Q1 2022 and ongoing for the entire year
Duration: unlimited
Qualification: 1–3 years of startup experience with a business background
Gender: f/m/x
Salary: competitive salary

About Blockchain Founders Group

Founded in 2021, Blockchain Founders Group is a Liechtenstein-based venture capital firm that recognizes the potential of blockchain technology and its application in various investment areas. We strive to become a key player in the token economy and contribute to the success of blockchain businesses in Europe. We incubate validated blockchain business models while also accelerating outstanding founder teams with both pre-seed and seed investments. We provide shared services based on best practices to allow a hand-picked team to focus on what matters most: to invest early on before valuations go up exponentially while substantially reducing risk.

For more information on Blockchain Founders Group and our product offering, please visit our website: https://blockchain-founders.io/

Your mission

To be successful in this role, an individual must be able to perform the functions listed below:

  • P&L responsibility for an organisation or unit focused on emerging technologies.
  • To develop multiple verticals in a business from sales, marketing, product development and management, project management, operations, IT and digital infrastructure
  • Development and execution of a startup in alignment with the BFG company building model
  • Work with the project leaders in exploring everything regarding business validation, go-to-market plan, market sounding, outreach strategies, and future funding strategies
  • Collaborate closely with founders and VC executives and steer strategic business relationships
  • Working on marketing, product, and decision-making simultaneously
  • Help with the administrative process of setting up the company and any contractual tasks
  • Monitor KPIs and ensure a flawless product launch while meeting crucial deadlines
  • Create industry partnerships and relationships and manage stakeholders, such as investors

Our requirements

To perform this job successfully, you must have the minimum following education and experience:

  • Excellent degree from a business school or university
  • 1–3 years of work experience in digital startups, incubation programs, or related venture capital companies
  • Ideally previous founder or CEO experience, scaling businesses from zero to one
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for blockchain technology and digitalization
  • A proactive way of working and high work ethic
  • Ability to acquire knowledge quickly and think outside-the-box
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment
  • Affinity in IT (no coding required)
  • Strong business mind with solid experience in B2B and B2C sales cycles
  • Preferably a natural leader with excellent problem-solving skills


  • Varied fields of business with high degrees of responsibility and independence
  • Work on highly innovative blockchain projects which generate value for customers and have the potential to digitally transform many industries
  • Steep learning curves and collaboration in experienced teams
  • Competitive salary with a success-based component (if desired, distribution of equity-shares of the companies)
  • Access to renowned investors and thought-leaders in the German-speaking blockchain space

How to apply

Please send all your application documents (ideally as one PDF-file; file size <5 MB) to Max Zheng (max.zheng@blockchain-founders.io), who is also happy to answer potential questions. Mention the reference number of the job offer in the subject of the email. Employment should be made effective in Q1 2022.




Investing in blockchain startups and digital assets. Building the token economy. — https://en.blockchain-founders.io/

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Blockchain Founders Group

Blockchain Founders Group

Investing in blockchain startups and digital assets. Building the token economy. — https://en.blockchain-founders.io/

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